About Us
We are a family based Silver, Charcoal, White and Chocolate Labrador Puppy breeder that has been breeding Labradors since 1998. We breed Labrador Retrievers simply for the love of the breed and so we continue to produce high quality Labradors to insure everyone can enjoy this breed for years to come.  We take pride in our Labradors as they are part of our family.
Perched High a top the Sierra Nevada mountains just outside of Reno Nevada in Palomino Valley, we have 45 acres for our Labradors to run and play.  Silver, Charcoal, White and Chocolate Labs are all great hikers and swimmers. 
We stared Breeding Yellow Labradors in 1998 and came across Chocolate Labs in 2005 and instantly fell in love.  Just when we thought we couldn't love Labradors anymore we found Silver and Charcoal Labrador puppies and just had to had one... Of each. 
Our Labradors are our pets first. All our Silver, Charcoal, White and Chocolate Sires and Dams live with us in our home. We love all kinds of different animals. All of our Labradors are acclimated to various animals from cats to pigs.  The Labrador breed is so versatile, from a best friend to a great hunter.  Labrador pups are very easily trained to fit any lifestyle and canine needs.
We use Facebook as a tool to show people the progress their Labrador puppies are making from birth to the time they take home there very own Charcoal, Silver, White or Chocolate pup. Most people just see there Labrador puppy when they pick it out and take it home, but we like to let them experience their lab pup from start to finish.  It is also a great place for our current Labradors owners to show everyone how wonderfully there puppy's turn into great dogs. so be sure to friend us on Facebook.
Please surf around our site and contact us with questions about any aspect of our business or Labradors. We a™re always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers.

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Contact Us
Joe or Erika DiNapoli Phone: (775) 815-2973
1755 Piute Creek 
Reno, NV 89510
[email protected]